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The Embassy of the Kingdom of God
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Kingdom Kids

Ministries for Newborn to Grade 5 Children

At The Embassy we love kids! We offer a number of ministries for children that run parallel to the adult services.
Read below to see the different programs your child can be a part of.

(Please note the drop off time for all of our Sunday morning children’s ministries is 9:45am and pick up time is immediately following the adult service or 12:00pm.)

Wittle Wee Ones Nursery Ministries

Baby Nursery | (Newborn to Crawling) - 10am
Our “Baby Nursery” is designed for infants who are not yet walking.
This nursery is equipped with age appropriate toys and furnishings to make your little ones time in the nursery enjoyable.
(Located in the Family Centre in Nursery A)

Toddler Nursery | (Walking to 2 1/2 Years Old ) - 10am
Once your child is confident with walking they will proceed to the Toddler Nursery. Your toddler will spend their time in the nursery playing, singing, colouring and participating in an age appropriate Bible Lesson Time. From time to time the child will even enjoy a puppet show or special videos geared for toddlers.
(Located in the Family Centre in Nursery B)

Some Nursery Notes:
Baby Buzzers: Each week when you register your children in either the baby or toddler nursery you will be provided with a “Baby Buzzer”. This pager will vibrate to notify the parent if their child needs them to return to the nursery for any reason. This will also give the parents peace of mind knowing they can be easily contacted if a need arises.

Staff: Our Sunday morning nurseries are staffed with competent and caring volunteer Nursery Attendants who love babies and help to create a loving environment for your child. We also have a nursery coordinator (Shandy) who would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Illness Policy: We ask that you do not bring your child to the nursery if they are not well or have not been well in the past 24 hours. Children who are not well will not be accepted into the nursery for the well being of all the children.

Mommy and Me Room
Located right next to the nursery is our “Mommy and Me Room”. This room is a quiet place for nursing moms or moms with fussy little ones to go and still enjoy the adult service on the TV while feeding or settling their child. This room is open during all of our adult service times.

Pre-School Ministries

Kids Church | (2 1/2 - 5 Years Old) 10:00am

Pre-school children love participating in “Kids Church”! We have 2 Kids Church classes. Our first class is called “Pre-School Kids Church” and it is for children who are 2 1/2 to 4 years of age. Once a child enters Jr. Kindergarten they move up to “Jr. Kids Church” for children in JK and SK (4-5 years old).

Kids Church is a fun, activity based, hands-on learning time. At Kids Church children learn about God’s Word and His love through exciting games, crafts, and activities that are age appropriate. Our curriculum is taught in many different and fun ways.

Each group has a classroom and a playroom to visit each Sunday to provide a variety of activities and a change of environment. Each group also spends some time in our full size gymnasium where they participate in physical activities. A light snack is provided part way through our morning and we do take bathroom breaks!

In Kids Church children are provided a safe and high quality learning environment. Our classrooms are staffed with loving and caring volunteers. (If you would like to join our team of volunteers contact Pastor Laura for a Children’s Ministries Application Package.)

Elementary Ministries

“Kingdom Kids Church” | (Grades 1-5) Sundays at 10am

Kingdom Kids Church is our exciting Sunday morning service for kids in grades 1-5. We meet in the Family Centre Auditorium at 10am. Kids check-in in our Family Centre lobby from 9:45-10am. We have a full kids-oriented service that runs for the length of the adult service.

It includes an awesome worship time with a live band, a children’s sermon, games, puppets, and other fun activities including our “Kingdom Clubs”.

Kingdom Clubs (Small Group Ministry) take place during our Kingdom Kids Church time. For a portion of the morning children join other children in their same grade for a small group “chat” about the topic we are learning about. This is a great opportunity for children to interact one on one with our volunteer Kingdom Kids Staff as well as connect with other children their same age and meet new friends.

Kingdom Kids Store: Each week children can earn “Kingdom Bucks”. The first Sunday of each month we open the “Kingdom Kids Store” where kids can exchange their Kingdom Bucks for some really neat prizes.

If you are a Mom with young children come on out and join us on the 1st and 3rd Monday of each month (October - May) from 9:30am - 11am for a “moms time out”. Free childcare is provided for children 5 and under while Moms meet together for a time of fellowship and fun! Come and meet some other Moms and take a little break! Contact Pastor Laura for more details.

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