Make Embassy
 Your Home

Have you ever asked?

  • Who are the leaders?
  • Why is this church called The Embassy?
  • What are my God-given gifts and where do I fit?
  • What are the Core Values of The Embassy?

For answers, join us for Make Embassy Your Home


  • What did I do and where do I go from here?
  • The Priority of the Scriptures.
  • The Power of Prayer.
  • All in the Family‚Ķ the Church.
  • Giving Tithes and Offerings.
  • Someone help me! How to overcome the trials of life.
  • The Spiritual Life.
  • Your Mission and Kingdom Living.

For answers, join the New Christians Gathering!

The Embassy of the Kingdom of God
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Young Adults

Young AdultsEmbassy | This Generation is an exciting place geared towards Young Adults ages 18 to 29. We are an “embassy of God”-where you can come and enjoy fellowship with other people just like yourself, and be trained in God, and experience the wonderful power of God.

From there, we encourage you to take what you are learning and apply it in your daily life, bringing the Kingdom of God, and His values to where He has called you to be an influence. God wants to use you, and we want to equip you!

For a closer look at Embassy This Generation, testimonies, and Pastor Derek’s messages, please visit

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